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Dataspheres is a SAAS solution that can be integrated to your HR Systems, to easily and quickly amplify its capabilities.

Our solution offers a wide range of services to accomodate your needs:

  • Customize your HR portal, making it the one-stop-shop of your HR strategy
  • Print in one click your employments’ certificates as an employee
  • Create automatically your work contracts, including electronic signatures
  • Print powerful and meaningful employees summary reports (eg. in France: “Bilan Social Individuel”)
  • Print personalized PDF documents using all the data of your system
  • Connect easily and quickly any external element of your HR platform through the powerful data management component included within Dataspheres
  • Store and exchange data between different applications and platforms with trans-coding technology

Make Cornerstone your HR employees’ platform and integrate and synchronize data from third systems (integrated leaves counter, employees’ birthday, medical visits, …) to make the most of your investment by getting in return greater adoption and higher productivity.

data transformation dataspheres NeoSpheres - HR consulting

Data Transformation’s advantages

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Our technology is protected and your data is encrypted and secure in our cloud. It is fully disconnected from your IT infrastructure, avoiding any type of intrusions

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Fast Deployment

Thanks to our existing pre-built components, we can quickly deploy the solution you need and deploy it within your own cloud or ours

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The solution is completely hosted by us using the lastest hybrid cloud technology. Our clients are autonomous and don’t have to involve their IT


Fast return on investment

Automated data process, ROI improvement, time saving, entry errors avoidance, perfect data accuracy

Fast development

Through our infrastructure and tools, we can, in few hours, create very efficient processes

Low maintenance

Whatever we build, we minimize the interaction with CSOD system in order to make our development as much as possible independent from CSOD release process

data transformation dataspheres NeoSpheres - HR consulting

Why NeoSpheres

Our functional knowledge

We speak the same language as HR experts and are able to take actions on various aspects of solution and data management.

Our experience

We already helped 150 customers to improve their HR processes, which have given us the expertise to know the most efficient and cost effective answer to your needs.

Our proactive monitoring

We are able to foresee the future disruptions and resolve it before the problem really occurs.

Our Reactivity

We will always be supportive and ready to bring you a solution in the best timeframe in order to ensure your success.

A team dedicated to your success 

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Understanding the project and clients’ needs, he will design the best and most innovative solutions. He is the link with the functional team on both integration and client sides

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He implements all the transformation rules in our technical solutions to guarantee correct data transformation and load on your environments

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Integration Consultant

He bridges the gaps between the business and technical teams; he guarantees that the specifications match customers’ needs and guarantees quality deliverables


“Thanks to NeoSpheres’ partnership, Valrhona is making great steps forward in the use of the solution, deploying HR processes and building a unique HR portal

– Philippe RIDENT, DRH Valrhona, Groupe SAVENCIA

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